GBC Nursery warmly welcomes you!  We exist to care for your child in a loving, safe, and age appropriate environment.  We wish to teach Biblical Truths at an early age and provide a solid foundation so that your child may grow "in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man", just as Jesus did. Our purpose is to help each child: • Grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and socially.• Feel secure with nursery teachers and other children.• Have a positive experience at church.• Feel comfortable, loved, happy and special.• Have a safe, clean and happy Christian environment when they are at church. We also want to provide an environment where parents feel comfortable leaving their children and knowing that they are well cared for so that they may relax and enjoy Worship.

We have a check-in system in order to maintain a secure environment.  Parents and children will receive a numbered wristband so that workers may identify the parent who will be picking up the child.  The number on the band will be flashed on the screen if your child needs you.  This is helpful for those with young children or first time guests. There are 3 Nursery Classrooms that are filled with age-appropriate toys and activities.  Snacks are provided, and parents are encouraged to provide your child's own labeled bottle/cup.

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